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The process of scrapping your motor is far more complicated than just crush the vehicle. With today's laws and environmental policies we take extra care when disposing of your unwanted motor.

The first thing that happens is the vehicle is transferred through to our specialist processing depot in Middlesbrough. The battery is removed along with the airbags. We then remove the tyres for processing, before removing the hazardous materials, and metals that have to be disposed of under special circumstances. The Air-conditioning fluid is then removed and placed into sealed containers. The car is then earthed to remove any static charge before the cars fluids are removed e.g. engine oil, brake fluid ect. The car at this stage is ready for full processing and dismantling.

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10th April 2013

Buying scrap cars for cash throughout the north east of England


V5C (document) - Is otherwise known as the registration document, the V5C is the record of who owns the car and is one of the most important documents when buying or selling a car. If you have lost your V5C logbook it is not a major problem, however we do have some extremely important information that could save you problems later. Please click the image below to read more information.

It is extremely important that you notify the DVLA in writing that you have scrapped your vehicle.

In the past years we have received calls and emails, months down the line, requesting duplicate (CoD) destruction certificates and it became obvious why this was happening. After your vehicle is destroyed, we inform the DVLA, by electronic means that your vehicle is ready to be de-registered, so they wait and see if you hold your part of the bargain, and actually notify them personally!

If you have not notified DVLA personally and in writing, then it's pretty fair to say that they could well take the decision to prosecute and fine you. You are actually required by law to notify the DVLA that you have scrapped your vehicle, so please make sure you do this to avoid any unnecessary problems later. We also strongly advise recorded post.


We appreciate that it may not be convenient to collect your vehicle during the day, which is why we cover the whole of the UK during the day, evening and late into the night 7 days per week. We want to make this process as simple and as convenient as possible, with no strings attached, Which is why we are one of the largest and most reliable scrap vehicle disposal companies within the UK.

Our scrap yard, and our friendly local drivers are well equipped with purpose built recovery vehicles and the added advantage of local knowledge along with state of the art communication that interacts with our live website 24Hrs a day.